Speaking in English Made Easy

If you are looking to improve your spoken English, whether for oral exam success purposes or purely because you want to speak real natural English, try answering these questions with as much language as you can. You could start by giving a one-sentence answer and then see if you can expand on that by adding more words to the same sentence or asking yourself a further “What do I mean by that?” question to generate more sentences.

We recommend that you use a voice recorder or your video camera to record your answers so that you can play them back and try to spot any language errors you might have made. Once you’re happy with your answer you can proceed to answer the same question in writing. At first, you can just transcribe the recording. Later on, you can try writing down your answers straight away, which you can then read aloud into a recorder. Basically, do the above process in reverse. 

You can set yourself a goal of answering one question a day and make it into a 100-day project of yours or you can answer a couple of them at a time. You can even spread the questions over a longer period of time depending on your goals and schedule.

All these questions are supposed to help you express yourself in the second language with the higher goal of being able to communicate these to other people and helping you gain confidence when talking to others in English. Therefore, we highly recommend finding people whom you can discuss these with. You could join English language learning communities or just gather your friends and family over dinner and make it into a game. 

You can write numbers 1-100 on pieces of paper and put them all into a bowl. You then take turns to draw a number and read out the corresponding question. You can either answer it yourself or choose a person you’d like to answer the question. It is up to you how long you’ll spend on one question but it might be more of a challenge if you tried to spend as much time as possible on one question by going into detail, exchanging views on it with others and why not – letting that one question lead the rest of the conversation in any direction it may take you. 

Enjoy yourself!