Christmas Carols

Gift shopping, great food, a Christmas tree, Christmas decorations and family gatherings all make up the holiday season but what would any festivity be like without music? Luckily for us all, Christmas goes hand in hand with music which has enchanted the young and the old ever since the 4th century!

Christmas music covers a range of genres which can be instrumental or accompanied by lyrics as is the case with Christmas songs or carols as we have come to call them. Among the themes, we can find the birth of baby Jesus, gift-giving, merrymaking, Santa Claus or general winter-related ones. 

Christmas songs are traditionally performed on town squares, in concerts, in churches, shopping malls or private gatherings and are there to wrap all this spirit into a magical starry veil of melodies dear to all.

Many of our favourite Carols in English date back to the 15th century but it wasn’t until two centuries later that they resurged in popularity and came to stay. 

A medley of Christmas songs can spice up your family gatherings during the Christmas holidays, liven up your classroom, add joy to your dinner parties, or even help you make up a quiz to test your loved ones on the songs’ years of origin because – why not!

Have a very merry Xmas, everyone!